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Monday, January 14, 2013



October 2012 - 176 pages thick. It features articles; opinions; reviews and all the typical shit usually associated with the Mountza team: guest Columns by some of our favourite local and international fanzine-folks; Art & Disorderly by Guillem El Muro and the photography of Matteus Mondini and Daigo Olivia; a heavy metal mania retrospective by George Skaf.; an 80s/90s Greek  punk discography report by Panos Asthma… Last but not least, inside it you’ll find lots of shit-talking with members of the legendary Stress (Gr); Paco from La Vida Es Un Mus and Yannick from Feral Ward; the insanely insane monster behind Midnight; the ugly Danish dudes from Iceage and Sexdrome; the thought-provoking Bob Ostertag; Gay Anniversary from Volos (Gr), cock-suckers Avon Ladies from Phoenix, the Secret Prostitutes from Austin, the Ropes, Anastasis from Dead Congregation, Martin from Vile Intent and loads more!

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