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Saturday, March 30, 2013

En Psychro (cy) have participated in the 'Benefit for freedom books' compilation (Track 28)

The benefit download for Freedom Books, badly damaged in a fascist arson attack in February, is now available.
Since the attack, individuals and groups across the world have offered their support, in both word and deed, in an unequivocal display of international mutual aid and solidarity.
This compilation is our small contribution to the rebuilding effort. All artists have given their time, energy and creations for free, and we're humbled by their selflessness. It means that every penny raised here will be used directly to benefit Freedom.                                                                       It features 69 bands and tunes from around the world (some recorded exclusively for this comp), in a plethora of styles, and can be yours for a minimum donation of £1 (although please feel free to give more if you can).                                                                                                                         We've also made a free mp3 version available for those who can't afford a quid. We'd rather people have the music to help them through tough times than have to go without because they're skint. Get it here -

Thanks for listening, donating, supporting and spreading the word. We really appreciate it.
¡No Pasaran!

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