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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Το Σύστημαν/The System - MONSIEUR DOUMANI

This is a rearrangement of a traditional Cypriot song found on Monsieur Doumani's debut album 'Grippy Grappa' There are two variations in terms of its lyrics. The first is a love song (for the Greek-Cypriot community: 'Να σου γοράσω μηχανήν', for the Turkish-Cypriot community: 'Dolama Dolamayı'. )The second variation Gavur İmam 'apparently talks of the 1833 uprisings against the Ottoman administration, jointly undertaken by both Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots.' ( The second version is the one that inspired this adaptation..

Soundscape layer: field recording of an anti-fascist demonstration in Faneromeni square-Nicosia, in 2012
video by Monsieur Doumani
All footage was "stolen" from youtube

Special thanks to Antonis Hadjikyriakou, Ozgur Erdogu, Sertunc Akdogu, Bandista for helping us with the Turkish lyrics and other stuff.

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